Metso Outotec adds forged, tough duty Nordberg crusher head

Metso Outotec offers a new Xtreme head for Nordberg crushers for the most demanding applications.

Metso Outotec introduced a new crusher head to complete the portfolio for Nordberg MP800, MP1000, MP1250, HP800, and HP900 crushers. The Xtreme (forged) head is the most robust head on the market designed to handle the most demanding applications.

The new Xtreme head provides customers with an option for the most extreme conditions. The head complements the Enhanced (heavy duty) head and the Elect (traditional cast) head in this comprehensive range of crusher heads. 

Users can match their price point and duty level to get the most life out of their components. Maximizing and extending the life of the components allows for a more sustainable operation overall.

Metso Outotec builds four key benefits into the Xtreme head:

  • Advanced geometrical features to assure consistent bearing loading within machine design parameters;
  • Complete one-piece forged material;
  • A sustainable design and capabilities to provide safe and reliable operations; and
  • A three-year warranty.

Discover more about the Xtreme head and other crusher head alternatives at

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