Hammond introduces “no idle” battery AC for heavy equipment

When machines aren’t working, Hammond’s 24V Arctic Breeze BAC will keep cabs cool without wasting fuel.

Hammond Air Conditioning, a leading supplier of mobile aftermarket air conditioning systems, has expanded its popular battery-powered AC (BAC) product line to provide “no idle” cab cooling solutions for heavy off-road machines.

Building on the success of Arctic Breeze truck AC, Hammond has now released 12V and 24V Arctic Breeze systems designed for heavy off-road loaders, excavators, and haulers.

Breeze mobile AC not only helps fleet owners to meet their “green” environmental goals by reducing idling time, but it also puts businesses in the green with reduced operational costs while increasing the resale value of the equipment.

Arctic Breeze systems get their power from banks of AGM deep cell batteries. The batteries charge while the engine is running and the machine is producing. Between production cycles, when the machine isn’t working, operators can shut the engine down and the Arctic Breeze BAC system kicks in. The battery-powered system can keep the cab comfortable with up to 10,000 BTUs of cooling power for up to two hours of idle time.

Hammond says an Arctic Breeze BAC will require 25 to 40 amps at 24V DC under full load, with the compressor on maximum. On the heaviest machines, two 12V Group 31 100 amp/hr batteries in series for 24 Volts are expected to run for up to two hours on maximum.

Installation kits supplied by Hammond come complete with all the hoses, wiring, and mounting hardware as well as the evaporator unit that will mount in the cab where it can circulate cool air on the operator. The condenser-compressor box can mount anywhere that’s convenient on the equipment. The system also comes with a low voltage disconnect to prevent the batteries from discharging too deeply.

Find more information at www.HammondAC.com/systems/arctic-breeze.

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