Mobile app connecting mining and investors launched by Prospector

A free trial of the Prospector app is available at the Prospector Portal.

Prospector, a search engine for the mining industry, has launched a mobile app for its Prospector Portal that will make the experience of connecting investors and mining companies simple.

The Prospector app allows users to swipe through and follow mining companies and match, connect, and message with mining stakeholders with ease, all while enjoying the same access to technical and corporate data updated with daily updated feeds of disclosure data.

Through the app, a user can quickly review and compare over 4,000 global mining projects and 1,500 publicly listed mining companies. App users get access to the same artificial intelligence-driven insights and powerful natural language processing and machine learning that forms the backbone of Prospector’s web portal. 

“The Prospector app puts technical and financial data literally in the hands of investors who we hope to encourage to look at the mining industry. As our world looks toward a low carbon and technology intensive future, the mining industry needs to communicate differently and more directly with stakeholders and investors, and we hope the app can support that outreach and growth” said Emily King, Founder and CEO of Prospector.

The app is available for free download on the Google Play and Apple app stores, with different subscription levels available for additional features ranging from Prospector basic to Prospector premium, and up to Prospector research which gives users full access to both the app and the web-based Prospector portal. More detail on the account levels and information on how to start a free-trial, can be found here.

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