NSS Canada upgrades MOSS survey software with VR and AR features

Using NSS Canada’s augmented or virtual reality MOSS for surveying ensures accuracy and efficiency. Credit: Juan Jose Napuri/iStock.

Today’s modern mining industry is safer, more efficient, and more cost effective, due in large part to innovation and the adoption of new technologies. NSS Canada’s MOSS (miner operated survey system) checks off all these categories. Last week at MINExpo in Las Vegas, NSS Canada provided a glimpse into the future, unveiling new augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) features for its proprietary MOSS system, now in use at mines around the globe.  

MOSS is user-friendly underground surveying software that integrates mine design specifications and drawings, ensuring greater accuracy when completing mark ups for a blast, providing real time information to miners, engineers and geologists. MOSS is used to show where all drill holes will be located on the face and creates the most efficient drill hole layout specific to the size of the drift, and rock type. 

“As with everything underground, we are experiencing a shift away from traditional methodologies,” says NSS Canada president Bruno Lalonde. “With the new MOSS AR functionality, a miner puts on the goggles, and sees exactly how the round will behave, based on the inputs, in real time. Ultimately, this will be connected to a jumbo drill’s machine control. There’s no more guess work.”  

Lalonde also noted that in the global mining space, the VR feature allows for training on MOSS to happen virtually. “While having staff on site for initial training is still ideal, we needed to be able to react to current realities in the global marketplace. It also allows us to provide refresher training remotely,” he said. 

An investment in MOSS is an investment in safety, efficiency, and worker morale and engagement. MOSS is already proving itself with workers who enjoy using the system because it makes their lives safer, easier, and decreases cycle time. It is also proven to save mining companies millions of dollars with a very quick return on investment.  

Click on NSSCanada.com to learn more.

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