Epiroc launches new remanufacturing centre in Sudbury

Epiroc’s new remanufacturing facility in Sudbury, Ont.

Epiroc announced the opening of a new, remanufacturing (reman) centre in Sudbury, Ont., during MINExpo last week in Las Vegas. The company’s remanufacturing approach can maximize the lifecycle of a component, thus saving money.

With similar Epiroc reman facilities opening their doors across the globe, this reman centre is a modern addition to the program, which manages the process of recycling components to the newest and latest specifications. This global program guarantees availability of components and offers an industry leading warranty to give customers added confidence in their component’s performance capabilities on site.

The reman program is designed to have a high level of interaction with customers and their machine operating fleet. It is a commitment to work together and achieve operational excellence through collaboration.

By working closely with customers and utilizing forecasting tools, the reman program takes a predictive approach and ensures components are accessible so they can meet the needs of each mine; the global supply chain keeps equipment flowing to customer sites right as they need it, ready to perform.

The highly trained on‐site technicians routinely utilize modern testing equipment to ensure no fault goes unchecked and the component is remanufactured to its fullest potential.

Since the testing methods are the foundation of a successful rebuild, the Epiroc‐designed test bench uses engineered program tests to confirm the product quality meets or surpasses the strictest of standards.

Managing the cores is a key element of the program and utilizing core notification management systems ensure this part of the process flows seamlessly.

Click here to take a virtual tour of Epiroc’s new reman centre.

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