Advance Gold files patent application for better recovery of lithium, potassium

Advance Gold drilled the Saldivar salar in April 2021. Credit: Advance Gold.

Advance Gold (TSXV: AAX) has filed a patent application for a more environmentally friendly method of recovering lithium and potassium that uses no toxic chemicals and no fresh water.

The new method uses recycled water and electricity generated by solar means. The process can be applied repeatedly to produce a high-grade concentrate. Organic agents are used to extract the desired minerals from solution.

This process was developed by Perez Garibay and his team at the Centre of Research and Advanced Studies at the National Polytechnic Institute (Cinvestav-IPN).

Advance Gold acquired 100% of the Lithium Salar project in Mexico in March 2021. The 13 salars range in concentration from 71 to 620 ppm lithium. They also contain potassium and boron, and the new process may be suitable for the recover of boron, as well. The company hopes to become a lithium producer in the near future.

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