Diemme to unveil world’s largest filter press for mining industry

Diemme Filtrations is unveiling the world’s largest filter press on Nov. 30 and invitations are available.

On Nov. 30, Diemme Filtration will stream a live event launching its GHT5000F, a ground-breaking filter press designed to support sustainability in the mineral processing industry, reduce risks and optimize costs.

What Diemme is launching on the market is not only the largest filter press in the world at the moment (plate size 5 x 5 metres). It is also an exhortation to a change the mining industry’s way of thinking to reduce its global impact and improve the health of the planet.

Diemme is offering an innovative technology that, through an increased level of process automation, increased data collection and monitoring, and the analysis of historical data, guarantees to optimize work cycles, predict failures and reduce downtime. 

Diemme’s filter presses are commonly used to filter concentrates, filter solids from leaching or purification circuits, filter tailings, and remove solids from wastewater after treatment. They are also used to filter oxides from wet fume treatment in pyrometallurgical applications.

The launch event will be broadcast in two different time zones to cover the entire planet. During the  broadcast it will be possible to see the unit live and there will be speeches by international leaders in mining. In addition, the participants themselves, connected from all over the world, will be able to interact by participating in polls and asking questions. 

More generally, the webinar will be an opportunity to discuss the important issue of tailings management and to compare notes on the global context in which the mining industry operates, with the ultimate goal of “Mine with Mind.”

To participate in the webinar, you only need to register for free at the Diemme Filtration Academy through this link: https://academy.DiemmeFiltration.com/change-the-game/.

Once registered, participants can download the invitation as an event in their calendars and receive reminders.

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