Schneider Electric Canada partners with OptiMach to grow robotics industry

Schneider Electric and OptiMach are teaming up to serve the Quebec and north New Brunswick market. Credit: Schneider Electric Canada.

Schneider Electric Canada, a leader in energy management and automation, has announced a new partnership with OptiMach, a Quebec-based robotics company. The partnership will support both organizations in expanding their operational commitments, enabling OptiMach to provide customers with automated and robotic solutions tailored to their exact needs. The partnership will serve small to large industries across the Quebec and north New Brunswick.

OptiMach uses robotics and technology to advance efficiency in manufacturing, transformation and production sectors. Leveraging robotics along with digital technology means a higher quality of outputs, increased efficiency, and a better bottom line. By partnering with Schneider Electric, OptiMach will be able to increase its reach and market share and provide invaluable industry insight to its customers.

The partnership will see Schneider Electric provide a range of solutions to OptiMach, including motion, robots, automation, control, and advisor software. By providing efficient, adaptable and reliable solutions to its customers, OptiMach can strengthen their presence in the market and differentiate themselves from their competition.

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