MineHub launches solution for carbon tracking and ESG compliance

New software from MineHub automates bottom-up accounting and verification of emissions and ESG footprint across supply chains. Credit: MineHub.

MineHub Technologies has launched its ESG solution for mining and metals supply chains. The new software lets users digitalize key aspects in the administration, certification and reporting of environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, including direct and indirect carbon emissions, as related to the products they sell, buy and finance.

The solution is integrated with the core MineHub platform and further increases the value of the MineHub platform at a time when ESG disclosure is of critical importance for all market participants and the industry as a whole.

The MineHub ESG solution enhances the MineHub core platform to solve material provenance and emissions accounting problems. Users will be able to:

  • Capture and administer the ESG credentials, including the emissions intensity of their brands and products.
  • Automate the accounting and reporting of Scope 3 emissions (as they connect their suppliers and customers to the MineHub platform).
  • Enable customer, supplier and logistics, investment portfolio optimization decisions based on accurate and detailed emissions data.
  • Request and record third party certification of their ESG credentials.
  • Automate the inclusion of the certified ESG data within the transaction data sets related to the sale, purchase or financing of products.

Corporations globally are now expected to disclose their certified ESG performance, which includes the ESG profile of their supply chains. This requirement is increasingly tied to their cost of capital, access to trade finance, brand equity and sometimes license to operate. In some jurisdictions and supply chains this is already a legal requirement.

Material provenance and Scope 3 emissions tracking are difficult and expensive problems to solve, and they require a shared data system across the supply chain participants as a key part of the solution. The MineHub platform is designed to provide just that, enabling the parties to a transaction to share a single source of truth, including relevant operational information – contracts, materials, logistics, finance, etc. – as well as ESG-related information such as emissions and material provenance.

MineHub is also integrating with partners to further increase the breadth and depth of ESG-related data and certifications that users want to provide or need to verify as part of their ESG compliance and tracking needs.

Visit www.MineHub.com for more information.

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