Videosoft joins Inmarsat’s Elevate program

Videosoft, an adaptive encoding and secure real-time wireless video transmission company, announced it has joined Inmarsat’s Elevate, a development program for ecosystem and marketplace for providers of software, hardware and solutions and original equipment manufacturers in commercial land markets. 

As part of the agreement, Inmarsat’s global Elera (L-band) satellite network will be integrated in Videosoft’s real-time streaming solutions.

Inmarsat says Videosoft will be able to expand its customer base and provide even more reliable, tailored video streaming solutions. It will also allow Videosoft to expand its video solutions into new areas, like railway crossings, and autonomous farm equipment.

Mike Carter, president of enterprise at Inmarsat, said “We look forward to deepening our relationship with Videosoft and working with them to support their ambitious growth plans.”

“Our partnership will help this exciting business at the forefront of ultra-low bandwidth video streaming solutions meet the needs of new and existing clients with an even more personalized, reliable service,” Carter said. 

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